PHOTOS: Canines show their agility

AN Italian greyhound and a Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever were among the wide range of breeds that demonstrated their speed, agility and obedience at dog trials in Warrnambool on the weekend.

Warrnambool Dog Training School trial secretary Necia Lynch said the weekend competition at the Harris Street Reserve was a great success, despite hot weather yesterday delaying competition for a short time.

Ms Lynch said more than 120 dogs of about 17 breeds and a number of crossbreeds took part in a total of 1044 dog runs over the two days.

The dogs competing included a number of working breeds such as border collies, kelpies and koolies.

About 100 handlers from throughout Victoria, South Australia and NSW led their dogs through the runs.

The large number of runs meant the competition ran from about 8.30am-5pm each day. 

Ms Lynch said numbers were down on last November’s dog trials, possibly because of the heat.

She said Stan Atchison, from near the SA border, and his Labrador Brooke were the best performing handler and dog in the obedience trials.

The agility and speed events tested the dogs’ ability work at speed and to get through a number of obstacles and other challenges on the course, Ms Lynch said.

In the dog obedience trials, Warrnambool local Lisa Fry won a prize with other locals Kelly Hourticolon and Melissa Champness collecting ribbons.

John Fulton and Vivian O’Grady, both locals, did well with their dogs in the agility and jumping trials.

Ms Lynch said dogs had to get through the agility and jumping courses within set times. “A qualifying person is one (whose dog) completes the course without knocking obstacles in a set time,” she said.

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