Mum angry at daughter's dog bite drama

A WARRNAMBOOL mother has called on dog owners to control their pets after her daughter was bitten on her way to school on Tuesday morning.

Bree, who did not want her surname published, said her daughter Makayla was walking to school with her brothers when she was bitten by a white Maltese terrier-like dog, drawing blood and leaving a slight puncture mark in her leg. 

She said the children were crossing at the Spence Street school crossing when the dog, which was being walked on a long lead, jumped on Makayla and bit her. 

Bree said the woman who was walking the dog just kept walking. 

“The school crossing lady saw it all happen and made sure Makayla was OK and sent her to the school office,” Bree said. 

“She (the crossing lady) said the dog was on a long lead and wasn’t really being controlled.

“Apparently the lady turned around and looked when she heard Makayla cry, but just kept on walking. 

“The crossing lady said the lady definitely would have known the dog had bitten Makayla.”

Bree said she made a report to the council but without names there was little that could be done. 

“You think your kids will be safe to walk to school and that people with dogs would have them under proper control around school crossings in peak times,” she said. 

“You’d also like to think that someone would stop and check if their dog had just bitten a little girl.” 

Meanwhile, a Warrnambool man has expressed his disappointment at a driver who failed to stop after hitting and killing his dog on a suburban street. 

Brett, who didn’t give his surname, said his dog was hit on Mitchell Street at about 3.30pm on Monday. He said he spotted his pet lying on the road about 20 metres from his house.  

He said the driver of the vehicle didn’t stop which is what’s upset him the most. 

“It’s the decent thing to do,” Brett said. 

“I’m not looking for a Kangaroo Court. I’m disappointed and upset. 

“I just want whoever it was to realise what they have done is wrong. You’d just think that people would stop when they hit something on the road, no matter what it is.”

Brett said it could have easily been a child on the road at that time. 

“It could have been anything else on the road,” he said.

“It just makes me think that if someone has the mentality to not stop for a dog, would they stop for a person.” 

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