Man found with drugs, weapons

CARRYING knives, other weapons and amphetamine has resulted in a Warrnambool man being fined $1000.

Bradley Godwin, 27, of Crawley Street, pleaded guilty in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court this week to carrying weapons and dangerous articles, possessing ice and ecstasy and failing to answer bail.

Magistrate Michael Coghlan convicted and fined Godwin and advised him to turn up when required after he failed to appear in court on February 24 and being picked up on a warrant afterwards.

He said it would be best if Godwin appeared at court in future and let a magistrate determine the outcome, rather than panicking about possibly receiving a jail sentence.

Godwin came to the attention of police at 3.05am on November 7 last year in Crawley Street after police members noticed a red Ford Falcon with its lights on, which were then turned off.

In his car they found three knives, a metal baseball bat, tomahawk and hammer.

On January 25 this year Godwin and a co-accused were pulled over while cycling by police after officers noticed the pair were not wearing bike helmets.

Godwin was found to be carrying ecstasy and crystal methamphetamine.

The defendant then failed to appear at a Warrnambool court on February 24, fearing he would receive a jail sentence due to his poor criminal record.

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