Tradie one of many ice victims

NOBODY is immune to the devastation wielded by ice addiction. 

A south-west trade worker was just one case of a life ruined after he became hooked on crystal methamphetamine. 

“We have an example of a trades person who was detected trafficking in ice,” Victoria Police western region Superintendent Don Downes told yesterday’s ice inquiry. “This person was a successful business operator. He became addicted to the use of ice. 

“He had no previous drug association. 

“He racked up considerable debts and when we conducted a warrant search of his premises he had a considerable amount of tools he had stolen from workmates and colleagues.” 

Superintendent Downes said ice was leading to an increased number of aggravated burglaries. 

“Property crime has been increasing in south-west Victoria. People steal valuables in exchange or to convert for cash to purchase drugs,” he said.

“The majority of arrests we’ve conducted there’s been no opportunity to seize assets,” Superintendent Downes said. 


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