Ratepayers foot egg attack clean-up bill

THE latest egg attack on the Moyne Shire’s office in Port Fairy will have to be cleaned up at the ratepayers’ cost.

But that hasn’t stopped Alan ‘Swampy’ Marsh from stating that he will continue to support an egging campaign as he tries to seek compensation from the council over the deaths of hundreds of chickens on his Mortlake farm.

He denies any involvement in the latest attack on February 13 in which 1000 eggs were thrown.

It followed a similar attack on the building in October last year.

Sergeant Mick Wolfe, from Port Fairy police, said investigations were continuing into the early-morning incident and police were keen to hear from anyone who may have witnessed it.

He said the culprit if found would be charged with criminal damage, a charge that can carry a penalty of imprisonment. “This is a straight-out criminal offence and it is the second time it has happened, which is concerning,” said Sergeant Wolfe, who is also a Moyne Shire councillor.

“Whatever the reasons for the attack this is not the way to resolve any issues and if we get enough evidence we will be laying charges.

“This attack affected the health and the well-being of staff members working at the building so that is a very unwelcome side effect from this crime.”

Mayor James Purcell said he was disappointed by the attack on a ratepayers’ asset.

“Council has limited resources as it is so we shouldn’t have to waste ratepayers’ money on cleaning up after an attack like this,” Cr Purcell said.

“What happened is not a legal way to act, no matter what the person or people who did this was thinking it is still an illegal action.” 

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