Sex fetish truckie: 'Ice ruined me'

AN ice-addicted truckie caught rubbing his buttocks against the windows of women’s houses while covered in baby oil will be mentally assessed before being sentenced.

Dean Handreck, 45, of Crean Street, Hamilton, pleaded guilty in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court yesterday to stalking, trespass, wilful damage, possessing and using crystal methamphetamine, drug-driving, driving an unroadworthy large vehicle and five counts of driving while suspended.

He told the court he was a lifelong drug user but ice had ruined him.

Police told the court the first victim was a married woman in her 40s who lived with husband and her son.

Between November 22 and December 1 last year Handreck developed an unwanted infatuation with the woman after she walked past his home and he saw her waving from a veranda.

Handreck formed the opinion she was interested in him.

At 2am on November 30 Handreck entered the woman’s yard with bottles of water and baby oil while the victim and her family were asleep.

He squirted baby oil on a rear window, pulled down his pants and rubbed his buttocks and genitals on the glass door for sexual gratification.

His actions woke the family and Handreck fled leaving the baby oil, the water bottle and a pair of thongs.

At 1.55am on December 9 Handreck was driving a white Mitsubishi station wagon along Warrnambool’s Artillery Crescent when police located a small white bag containing a crystal substance among empty deal bags and used syringes in his car.

The court heard that on January 11 Handreck saw a woman leaving her unit and, after using ice, he began having thoughts of a sexual nature, despite having been in court just days before for similar matters. 

When it was dark he went back to the unit and spent over an hour rubbing his buttocks on windows while standing on a chair.

Police said at 7pm on January 25 a woman was walking along Warrnambool’s Timor Street when she noticed she was being followed by a white Mitsubishi station wagon.  

Soon after the woman and her partner saw Handreck standing near their house, staring in for about 30 minutes.

Police located Handreck and his car nearby. He told officers he drove to Warrnambool with a family member, hired a prostitute and used ice, which he said made him feel “bullet-proof”.

On a morning in September last year, police intercepted Handreck driving a Kenworth cement mixer along Coleraine Road in Hamilton.

Forensic tests showed Handreck was under the influence of ice and documents confirmed he drove five times between August 30 and September 4, despite being unlicensed after police found syringes in his car.

Magistrate Peter Mellas adjourned sentencing until April 3 .

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