Fitness centre grew muscles, memories

AFTER 34 years at the same gym Bob Edwards was bound to make some lifelong friends.

As Action Fitness Club closed its doors last night Mr Edwards (pictured) said he was disappointed by the decision but not surprised.

He said he would miss the gym, which was at one stage the best in the city.

“At one time you couldn’t get a park,’’ he said.

‘‘I’ll miss it. I’ve met people here who I wouldn’t have met otherwise and made lifelong friends.”

A motorcycle accident in 1979 prompted Mr Edwards to join the gym for rehab work on a damaged shoulder. 

Having little interest in fitness, a gym was the last place he expected to find himself, he said. 

He started out with a three-month membership and then thought he may as well work on both shoulders. 

Despite a back injury limiting his gym work in recent months, Mr Edwards said the club had become a regular part of his life.

He said the decision to close wasn’t a surprise, but it was disappointing.

“I’d like it to stay open,” he said.

“But there’s that many gyms around and personal trainers all over the place.

“They’ve tried to fix this up when they could but it doesn’t have the backing of big franchise gyms.

“I’ve met some good people here and keep in touch with people that aren’t still here.”

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