Ice addict delights at six-month sentence

A TERANG ice addict charged with degrading and assaulting his father as well as driving offences is delighted he will only serve six months in jail before being eligible for parole.

When told he would spend just over five more months in jail, Brett Hull, 20, of Spring Dam Road, said: “I’m killing it, yeah”, before commenting he would be out in time to celebrate his 21st birthday.

Hull pleaded guilty to assault with a weapon, intentionally causing injury, discharging a missile, assault by kicking, making threats to kill, breaching an intervention order, driving in a dangerous manner, leaner driver without an experienced driver, driving an unregistered car and causing criminal damage.

The offending also breached a nine-month suspended jail term for aggravated burglary and Hull got an additional three months’ imprisonment.

He has already served 23 days in custody.

Police told the Warrnambool Magistrates Court this week that at 6.45pm on November 22 last year Hull attended his parents’ home where he demanded his father drive him before verbally abusing and threatening him with a spanner and kicking him twice. 

At 1.30am two days later Hull’s father was woken by someone yelling “food, food, food”. He believed his son was under the influence of drugs.

At noon that day Hull’s father went for a walk and saw his wife’s car being driven down the road.

Soon after Hull ran at his father, spat in his face and said if he went to the police he would kill him.

Despite his mother intervening, Hull spat in his father’s face again, hit him with a screwdriver and threw an aerosol can at him.

On January 7 police executed a warrant at the property and found a handgun, a Tazer and 41 ecstasy tablets. Hull was arrested and remanded in custody.

After being released, Hull drove dangerously through central Terang with a door of his unregistered ute open. 

He narrowly missed parked cars, recklessly overtook vehicles, drove on the wrong side of the road near the war memorial and used a metal pole to smash glass at a home.

Defence counsel Amanda Chambers requested Hull be assessed so he could serve time in a youth justice centre but he was found unsuitable. 

Ms Chambers said Hull had an intellectual disability and he had succumbed to ice, but he couldn’t remember much of the offending because he was using up to three grams of methamphetamine each day.

Magistrate Peter Mellas said Hull had been given many chances in the past and his parents had real problems dealing with him.

He said Hull was a real 

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