Raising the spirit of 1967 at Framlingham

THE spirit of 1967 was recalled yesterday at Framlingham as indigenous leaders unveiled a new flagpole entrance to the south-west community.

Members of the Framlingham Aboriginal Trust raised the national indigenous flag up a new 10-metre pole as part of a ceremony at the Wangoom-Warrumyea Road parkland.

The event marked 47 years since the Bolte government permanently reserved the land for its indigenous inhabitants.

Framlingham Aboriginal Trust chairman Possum Clark-Ugle said 1967 was a landmark year for the community, with a watershed referendum enhancing civil rights for the nation’s indigenous people.

“The reserve was always a temporary thing until 1967, then the people had control over their local land,” he said.

“There was a general sense that things were improving, that change was happening and it took leadership from some great people here to make it happen.”

Yesterday marked the beginning of community celebrations in 2014, with a sesquicentennial event scheduled for April.


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