Hawkesdale has another swing at the sport of golf

AFTER a long hiatus and four years of hard work, Hawkesdale’s golf course is back in action.

The volunteer-run course fell into disrepair when the Hawkesdale Golf Club disbanded due to dwindling numbers, but has been resurrected, albeit as a five-hole course.

Anne-Maree Huglin, vice-president of the Hawkesdale Racecourse Reserve committee of management, said the upkeep of the nine-hole course became too much work for the club.

“We know that people still want to play golf. People still wanted to play golf even when the club disbanded,” Ms Huglin said.

“They just didn’t have the manpower to maintain the golf course.”

It was the reserve’s committee of management which decided the golf course needed to be reopened after community consultation. 

It has spent the past four years getting the course back in shape and late last year revived the five holes.

“We’d love people to get up there and utilise those facilities. It makes all of our hard work worth it to see people on the course,”  Ms Huglin said.

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