Wheels get things rolling for nursing army at South West Healthcare

A SET of wheels can go a long way in a place as big as a hospital. 

South West Healthcare’s latest equipment won’t catch any eyes, but it will make life easier. 

Patients on a drip will no longer be anchored to a spot after the hospital secured a new set of intravenous stands featuring handles and wheels. 

The hospital community partnership manager Suzan Morey said the IV stands would be “used by everyone” across six units, including the emergency department. 

“The benefit is that the patient if they want to exercise or socialise, they’re safer but they’re just more user friendly,” Ms Morey said. 

“It’s going to make such a difference to people,” she said. 

The hospital raised just short of $11,000 from community groups with more than half coming from the Collier charitable fund.

“The really simple things can really make a difference. 

“The cheaper things are just so valuable,” Ms Morey said. 

“We had them in oncology (for chemotherapy) and everybody had seen them and wanted them.” 

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