Brothers slugged $1000 each for baseball bat fight

TWO Mortlake brothers who bashed each other with a baseball bat have each been fined $1000.

Jeffrey Carter, 45 and Adrian Carter, 40, of Webster Street, Mortlake, each pleaded guilty to multiple charges in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court this week, including assault with a weapon, recklessly causing injury and failure to appear in court.

The court heard the brothers lived together with Adrian Carter’s sons. Last year there was an argument between Adrian and one of his sons about drug money.

Police prosecutor Sandra Skilton said Adrian went to his son’s room, picked up a large picture and smashed it. He then went to his own room and began punching holes in a wooden door.

Jeffrey was disturbed by the yelling and tried to open his brother’s door but couldn’t.

He then picked up an aluminium baseball bat, which he raised and went back to Adrian’s room. Adrian raised his arm to protect himself and Jeffrey hit his forearm with the bat.

The court heard Adrian grabbed the bat and the brothers wrestled before Adrian hit Jeffrey on the head five or six times, forcing him to fall against the wall.

Both were later charged and bailed and an intervention order taken out between the pair that they not assault or damage property.

In court Adrian Carter also pleaded guilty to two charges of wilful damage. Defence counsel Amanda Chambers represented Adrian and said a lot of the trouble related to his two sons living at the house.

She said it was fortunate no one had been seriously injured. The brothers had lived together for three years and planned to continue doing so.

Defence counsel Jonathan Makary appeared for Jeffrey Carter and said he planned to find alternative accommodation.

Magistrate Peter Mellas fined both men $1000 and ordered them to pay court costs.

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