Social media drinking game nominated as troubling

A SOCIAL media drinking game encouraging people to skol a glass of alcohol and then nominate friends to do the same is worrying local agencies and police. 

The game, known as neknominate, has flooded Facebook over the past two weeks with people of all ages filming themselves skolling a glass of alcohol and then nominating two friends to do the same in a chain letter-style game. 

There appears to be no rules on what is to be consumed and participants are encouraged to try and “go one better” than their nominator. 

Some of the videos seen by The Standard include south-west residents downing full schooners of spirits followed by cans of premix, skolling beer while revving a motorbike and even skolling a full glass of cough mixture. 

Former prime minister Bob Hawke, who was filmed at the SCG Ashes Test match skolling a beer, is listed as a hero of the craze.

Western Region Alcohol and Drug (WRAD) Centre director Geoff Soma said it was a difficult concept on which to comment. 

“Things like this on social media are designed to get a reaction, so we choose not to dignify it,” he said. 

“But WRAD are against anything that glorifies drinking excessive amounts of alcohol in short amounts of time. 

“We would advise people to think before they act and to think very carefully before taking part.” 

Mr Soma said the “peer pressure” element of the game was concerning, a view shared by Warrnambool policeman Sergeant Chris Moloney. 

Sergeant Moloney said there appeared to be no limitations on what could be consumed and the craze had potential to pose problems.

“From what I’ve seen there doesn’t seem to be any bounds. It doesn’t seem to matter if it’s alcohol or drugs,” he said. 

“We strongly discourage it. It’s not responsible consumption of alcohol and there is potential for people to be charged with offences.”

Sergeant Moloney said when people were under the effects of drugs or alcohol they were leaving themselves vulnerable to assaults and other offences. 

“We haven’t had to deal with anything directly related to the game locally, but it’s still in its infancy,” he said. 

“Be it at home or down the street, be the bigger person and ignore neknominate.” 

Statewide, police last week questioned a man after a video showed him travelling in the boot of a car, stopping to “neck” a beer, before getting back in the boot and driving off.

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