Hopes high for Warrnambool IVF clinic

A CLINIC offering IVF treatment will set up in Warrnambool as early as next year if there is enough demand from hopeful parents in the region. 

Private Practice Monash IVF says it is looking at options to open a “satellite clinic” — potentially at South West Healthcare if the number of women seeking treatment keeps increasing. 

Gynaecologist Dr Moses Abe said blood and special ultra-sound scans were already handled in Warrnambool but there was a case for a full clinic to be established handling egg collection and placing of the embryo.

Women must travel to Geelong or Melbourne for both stages. “That’s the next step,” Dr Abe said.

“We used to have a satellite clinic in Casterton because of the central location in the region but Warrnambool is the biggest city and people are happy to travel there. 

“It could take between a year or two before we look at doing the entire process in Warrnambool. The process is ongoing. 

“The local GPs have been very supportive.” 

Desperate potential parents are paying up to $4000 for the procedure, with another $4000 paid for by Medicare. 

The specialist said he saw up to 10 women each week in Warrnambool. Women aged in their 30s make up the majority of patients. 

“The average age of women that attend our service is 33 years with a significant increase in women over 38 years of age,” he said.

“This is consistent with national data.” 

A report by the University of New South Wales last year cast doubt on the success rate of IVF after the fifth round of treatment regardless of a woman’s age. 

The study involving 44,668 women over three years found the chances of a live born baby was 21.1 per cent after the first IVF cycle, increasing to 31.1 per cent after two cycles, 36 per cent after three cycles, 38.6 per cent after four cycles, and 40 per cent after five cycles.

Researchers said the success rate did not increase markedly following the sixth cycle. 

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