Dumped political candidate backs Corbett in anti-discrimination ruling appeal

A DUMPED political candidate from Queensland is raising money to aid former Wannon Katter party candidate Tess Corbett’s appeal against an anti-discrimination ruling. 

Outspoken anti-gay political aspirant Bernard Gaynor is aiming to raise $2000 to support the Lake Bolac grandmother’s legal battle against the New South Wales Anti-Discrimination Tribunal. 

The tribunal found she incited hatred for homosexuals after making comments likening them to paedophiles early in the 2013 federal election campaign. 

Mr Gaynor’s 2013 senate bid for Bob Katter’s Australian Party was also cut short in January after he made similar remarks. 

It is understood barristers for Ms Corbett are working pro-bono, but a blog set up to support Ms Corbett is pleading for financial assistance to handle expenses.

Her legal defence plans to mount an appeal case based on freedom of speech and jurisdictional issues surrounding the New South Wales ruling. 

A date for the hearing is expected to be set next week, but gay rights campaigner Garry Burns said his legal team was trying to handle the hearing “on paper” rather than go through an expensive court appearance. 

Ms Corbett, who has not spoken publicly about the case, did not appear at any of the initial hearings in Sydney last year. 

“You can’t appeal an error of law if you didn’t provide a defence,” Mr Burns said.

On his web page calling for donations, Mr Gaynor said there were “serious moves afoot to normalise paedophilia” and called for cash to campaign against the court’s ruling. 

“Please pray that these important points of law will be re-examined and that the original decision will be overturned,” Mr Gaynor said.

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