P-plate hoon nabbed for university burnouts

A HOON driver who did burnouts in Deakin University car park early yesterday has lost his car for a month after police seized the vehicle.

The 22-year-old Warrnambool man can also look forward to a court appearance for improper use of a vehicle, careless driving and other hoon-related charges.

His VX Commodore Calais sedan is now locked up in a local wrecker’s yard.

The man’s wild driving was first reported by a security guard at the university’s Sherwood Park campus about 1am. 

Leading Senior Constable Dan Hunt of Warrnambool police said the driver had performed burnouts on the asphalt and grass.

“He had green P-plates and there were four people in the car,” the policeman said.

“It’s another example of  stupidity and over-exuberance by young males behind the wheel.

“We appreciate the support from the public who continue to dob in morons.

“However, we are still seeking information on the hoon who did burnouts on Warrnambool golf course in December.”

A vehicle was driven up the third fairway and on to the green on December 22, causing thousands of dollars damage.

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