Warrnambool church helps break the cycle of African poverty

IT’S a long way from Warrnambool to rural villages in poverty-stricken Malawi, but Warrnambool’s Gary Gale and his All Nations Church have bridged the distance with generosity to help orphans and widows.

So far this year they’ve donated more than $8000 which was boosted by a sausage sizzle at the weekend.

In the past 12 years since Pastor Gale and his wife Leeona first visited remote villages in the African nation, they’ve helped build an orphanage where 150 children live. They are also assisting efforts to house 35 widows.

He will return in March with congregation members Michael Hoekman and Nathaniel Gale with money to purchase bicycles for locals. “We put our money where our mouth is. We believe in helping others,” Pastor Gale said.

“Malawi has a population of 15.9 million including a million orphans.

“The average wage is $26 a month and it only takes $7.50 a month to feed a child two meals a day. For us to buy them a pushbike is like buying someone a car in Australia.”

The church works through Malawai pastor George Zacharia who initiated the project to house children whose parents had died from cholera, malaria or AIDS.

“It was his vision and we’ve been able to support it,” Pastor Gale said.

“Before that the children were sleeping on the damp ground and only had one set of tattered clothing.”

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