Heywood driver in spectacular road crash

POLICE are awaiting the results of a blood-alcohol test after a Heywood man was involved in a single-vehicle accident on Sunday night.

The 31-year-old man was travelling along the Heywood-Kentbruck Road about 300 metres past the school on a long sweeping bend when he lost control about 9.15pm Sunday.

The Holden twin-cab went sideways across the road, took out a 100km/h sign, hit the drain and launched in to the air, clipping the top wire of a fence before landing about 30 metres inside a paddock.

The vehicle grazed a cypress tree, knocked down a strainer post and collided with the back of a farm shed.

Senior Constable Greg Colley, of Heywood police, said speed and alcohol were suspected causes of the crash but investigations were continuing.

“The driver was taken to Portland hospital for treatment of facial and head lacerations. They were believed to be non-life-threatening injuries,” he said.

“A blood test will be taken at hospital to be analysed.”

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