Want to share the love? Try Four Paws

A NOVEL approach to canine companionship could be the start of something exciting for dog lovers in Warrnambool.

Kena Currie loves her 12-month-old border collie-kelpie cross so much she’s hoping to share the puppy passion with someone who wants a dog but can’t take one on full-time.

Ms Currie said the aim was to give someone else — for example, an elderly person — a chance to enjoy the benefits of dog ownership without taking on the feeding and vet bills.

Four Paws, an energetic but well-trained hound, can fetch balls, sit and shake paws and loves nothing more than a long walk.

The mother-of-one said it was a win-win for all involved, especially Four Paws, which she adopted from the RSPCA about seven months ago.

“I want to give them the opportunity of having a dog without the burden of the costs involved,’’ she said.

“It could be someone who’s a parent with a child or it could be someone who’s quite an elderly person who goes away all the time, but who likes the company of a dog and can’t have one full-time.’’

She said the most important thing was that the other person “brought love’’ to the table.

“For a 12-month-old dog he’s really well behaved,’’ she said.

“He loves to chase balls and he’s well-trained.

“It would be great to share that with someone else.

“It would be an ongoing relationship.’’

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