Repeat unlicensed driver close to jail

A MORTLAKE man caught driving without a licence for the 10th time has received a suspended sentence and has been told that if he doesn’t grow up he will end up in jail.

Bradley Leetham, 24, of Shaw Street, pleaded guilty in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court last week to fraudulently using number plates, using an unregistered vehicle, speeding and unlicensed driving.

Magistrate Jonathan Klestadt said it was time for Leetham to “grow up and stop giving money to the government”.

Leetham was charged after police clocked his Mitsubishi travelling at 63km/h in a 40km/h school zone in Mortlake at 2.50pm on August 5.

This week Leetham returned to court after getting his past fines put on a payment plan.

Mr Klestadt said Leetham had taken the first steps towards getting his life in order but was warned if he didn’t keep paying off his fines he would end up in jail.

Leetham was convicted, sentenced to one month in prison which was suspended for 18 months and ordered to complete 20 hours’ community work.

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