Warrnambool motorists support parking idea

ALTHOUGH most city councillors knocked back a suggestion for free parking in central Warrnambool car parks for summer, the idea struck a chord with shoppers.

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Feedback on Facebook indicates overwhelming support for ditching parking fees.

Some motorists also want the outdated metering machines replaced with technology that accepts swipecards and there are calls for pre-paid options.

Heidi Wisniewski called for parking meters to be removed.

“It’s time city council actually thought about how to improve the CBD, not just make money from it,” she said.

“Towns like Mount Gambier have no parking meters. They have a vibrant main street full of local businesses, unlike ours. I would love to see a report on the cost for implementing parking meters versus the profits made, without taking into the consideration that many business owners become money dispensers to the public for these machines that are ruining our town.”

However, some cautioned that free parking would possibly produce a street full of workers’ cars all day. They suggested two hours free would be a better option and discourage all-day hoggers.

Others said parking in Warrnambool was already cheap by comparison and free parking would only make spots harder to get.

Some called for more businesses to trade longer and for free public transport at weekends.


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