Pole position for $40,000 car as driver spins out

A CARELESS driver who wrapped his new $40,000 car around an electricity pole has been fined $1500.

Tristan McCabe, 25, of Juke Street, Warrnambool, pleaded guilty in the Warrnambool Magistrates Court to careless driving. He was convicted and fined $1500, with $110 costs.

Magistrate Jonathan Klestadt said McCabe needed to take a good,  hard look at himself or he would at least finish without a driver’s licence and possibly kill himself.

He said McCabe was going too fast around a deceptively tricky corner in Warrnambool and was not skilled enough to drive at that speed.

“It’s fortunate there was no more serious consequence than damage to your car,” Mr Klestadt said.

“You have a poor driving history and face a substantial cost impost as a result of the collision.” 

Police alleged that on September 8 McCabe was driving a white Ford turbo sedan south in Bell Street when he turned left into Juke Street.

He lost control and collided with a concrete  electricity pole. 

McCabe told police he took the corner at about 40km/h before accelerating and losing control.

There were 20-metre- long tyre skid marks on the road surface leading to the pole.

Defence counsel Matt Senia said his client drove too quickly through the corner and was not familiar with how the turbo delivered power.

He said McCabe had now enrolled in a defensive driving course.

Mr Senia said the vehicle was insured but the insurance company would not pay out until charges were dealt with in court.

He said in some situations the company would not pay out, depending on the court outcome and the Ford may be an insurance write-off.

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