Reg's missing wedding ring returned ... again

Source: Illawarra Mercury

Reg McFarlane's wife Penney must be a patient woman.

Three times Mr McFarlane has admitted losing his wedding ring, including twice in the Towradgi ocean pool.

Miraculously, all three times it has been recovered - most recently thanks to anIllawarra Mercury article about Beth Robinson's wedding ring being found in the pool.

After reading the article on April 9, Mr McFarlane emailed the Mercury saying he had lost a ring in the pool just before Easter.

"When I told my wife it was gone, she said: 'Not again'," he said.

"That pool is really out to get me.

"[My wife] wasn't very impressed - she realises I have a habit of losing it. I lost it in the washing machine once and it turned up in the lint filter."

The first time Mr McFarlane's ring was lost in the pool, a friend spent an hour at the bottom in scuba gear looking for it.

Last week Bruce Macdonnell - a regular swimmer at Towradgi - also read the article and called the Mercury because he had found a wedding ring on Easter Monday.

"I found it at the bottom of the pool," Mr Macdonnell said.

"The council had just cleaned it [the pool] before Easter and it [the ring] was glinting, so I dived down and picked it up."

The Mercury put the men in touch and the ring was back with its rightful owner over the weekend.

"It's quite amazing," Mr McFarlane said.

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