Video: Napthine explains old undies pictures

A COUPLE weeks ago The Standard dug up some old photos of Premier Denis Napthine modelling woolen underwear at the 1992 Hamilton Sheepvention.

As the story goes, Dr Napthine challenged people to wear wool and was showing his dedication to the industry by strutting his stuff in some custom-made undies.

But last week the Premier returned home and we got the full scoop on how the whole thing unravelled.

Dr Napthine said a senior reporter at the Hamilton Spectator put him on the spot by publicly asking if he was wearing wool.

He told the reporter he was indeed wearing a woolen jumper, woolen pants from Fletcher Jones and woolen socks.

"Then he said 'What about your jocks?'

"I said 'I've looked up the hill and down dale for woolen jocks and the first person who finds a pair of woolen jocks, I'll wear them'.

"Of course two weeks later at Sheepvention every second local person had a pair of woolen jocks for me.

"So it was the power of the press."

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