Warrnambool traders want Koroit Street bus stop moved

WARRNAMBOOL’S Koroit Street traders are banding together to have the bus stop moved from the trading centre.

Armadio Of Warrnambool owner Maria Chambers has been in business nine years and said she had long pushed for the bus stop to be moved from Koroit Street, east about a block.

“With the Warrnambool City Council launching the city centre revitalisation plan soon, it’s the perfect opportunity to revisit this issue,” she said.

“There are times when I do worry about my safety and there are times when particularly elderly women come into the shop seeking refuge.”

Mrs Chambers said youth congregated out the front of her shop and caused trouble. “Last week, there were about 15 young people out there drinking and carrying on,” she said.

“They were making unnecessary remarks to every woman walking past. It’s not needed and the bus stop should simply be moved. The buses also cause an enormous amount of congestion in what is a very busy street at times.”

Mrs Chambers said the perfect place for the bus stop would be near the Uniting Church, about a block east.

“Having all those people congregating in front of the shop is frightening at times. I have worried about my safety and I’ve put up with it for nine years, but it now needs to be moved. Enough is enough and all the other traders agree,” she said.

Gary Francis, of Gary Francis Photography and Framing, said the buses provided a great service. “But I don’t think the centre of town is the place to have the bus stop now that Koroit Street is one of main shopping streets in Warrnambool,” he said.

“It does get very busy around bus times. Traders can’t display their goods and it’s simply not ideal to have buses stopping in the centre of town. The buses also cause problems with the traffic, especially now that the roundabouts are only one lane.

“The buses do create a bit of bedlam.” Mr Francis said opposite the Uniting Church, or even Gilles Street off Timor Street, would be far better locations for a bus stop.

Annie’s Gift House operator Annie Freitag said it was time the bus stop was relocated east a block. 

“There’s a lot of congestion, especially with the one-lane roundabouts and even the bus drivers agree the bus stop should be moved,” she said.


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