Danni keeps busy, just coasting along

THE Warrnambool Merri Marine Sanctuary will be a little safer and more fun this holiday season with the arrival of summer ranger Danni Rizzo. 

Miss Rizzo, 28, originally from Moorabbin in Melbourne, recently graduated from Deakin University with a degree in marine biology and has been busy with summer programs at the sanctuary. 

“It’s been really busy so far but incredibly fulfilling,” Miss Rizzo said.

“Most people don’t even know that it exists, so it’s great to be the one to let them know it exists.”

As part of her job she is tasked with educating visitors to the 25-hectare marine sanctuary while ensuring the rocky, tidal area and its creatures are properly cared for.

“It’s great to encourage people to explore the area while also protecting it at the same time,” she said.

As part of the “Summer by the Sea” program run by the Department of Sustainability and Environment and Parks Victoria, Miss Rizzo and other rangers are running clifftop walks, “rock pool rambles” and snorkelling activities in Stingray Bay.

The rock pool rambles have been especially rewarding for Miss Rizzo, who said “everyone loves a rock pool”.

“It’s amazing how little kids are like sponges, they just soak all the info up.”

During the summer months, Parks Victoria employs summer rangers to run visitor programs when regular rangers are often busy with bushfire fighting. 

More information about the Summer by the Sea program can be found on the Parks Victoria website.

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