Close call for mum and kids on Christmas Eve

A MOTHER  and her two young children survived a spectacular car crash at Bessiebelle on their way to family festive celebrations on Christmas Eve.

The 23-year-old Warrnambool woman and her family were  on the Heywood-Woolsthorpe Road when their car drifted left onto loose gravel and skidded out of control for 115 metres, knocking over a road sign.

When police and the Bessiebelle fire brigade arrived they found the sign pierced through the rear panel and wrapped around the fuel tank of the Mitsubishi Magna sedan.

The pole’s concrete base was still attached.

“It was amazing,” Senior Constable David Rook of Macarthur police said. 

“The post had impaled the car, but there wasn’t a scratch on the occupants.

“The car was still driveable, but had to be towed away.

“It goes to show the benefit of wearing seatbelts.

“The message to all drivers, especially in the busy holiday season is, pay attention at all times.

“A moment’s inattention can kill.”

The accident happened on a slight bend about 1.50pm.

Senior Constable Rook said the family was travelling to a Christmas function.

Another family member arrived to take the mother, children and their presents to their destination.

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