Couple find 12 good reasons to marry

REMEMBERING their wedding anniversary won’t be a problem for Trish Pickett and Michael Sagripanti — they married in Warrnambool yesterday on the 12th day of the 12th month of 2012.

Mr Sagripanti, 50, said he and Ms Pickett, 43, chose the date because the run of 12s would only occur once in a century and give them 100 years of good luck, according to Chinese horoscopes.

The couple met about a year ago through a computer site known as Yearbook that linked them as friends of friends. Mr Sagripanti, formerly of the Gold Coast, moved to the Warrnambool area about eight months ago to be with Ms Pickett.

Getting married on December 12, 2012, was suggested by one of Trish’s sons, Tom, who thought it would serve as a great reminder for the couple, who were married by a celebrant at the Warrnambool courthouse yesterday afternoon with members of Ms Pickett’s family in attendance.

The pair celebrated their marriage last night at a dinner with a wider group of family and friends.

They will live in Mailors Flat and plan to honeymoon in Fiji in the new year.

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