Leishman stands by his caddy

MARC Leishman is standing behind his Warrnambool caddy Matt Kelly, saying his bagman is the victim in an alleged fight on the chipping green at the Australian Open in Sydney yesterday.

Speaking after his second round at The Lakes today, Leishman defended Kelly and praised his mate's response.

"It definitely wasn't a punch up," Leishman told The Standard.

"Matty was really good. He got virtually attacked but didn't retaliate. He copped what he got.

"It wasn't the time or place but it definitely wasn't a punch up.

"The investigation is going on. I'm not too worried about it because Matty didn't do anything and I hope the truth comes out."

Leishman said he had been asked by reporters whether the incident, which was reported to have happened just 45 minutes before he teed off in the opening round, had affected him.

"It didn't affect me because he didn't do anything wrong. The guy just came up and laid into him."

PGA Tour of Australasia officials are investigating reports Grant Buchanan, a caddy for another young Australian James Nitties, came to blows with Kelly.

Kelly suffered a cut lip but caddied for Leishman.

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