The world agrees: breech births not the risk they were

THE era of surgical intervention in breech births may be coming to an end, according to South West Healthcare’s director of obstetrics and gynaecology Michael Koutsoukis.

The  organisation yesterday welcomed experts from around the globe for a workshop on breech births.

Dr Koutsoukis said there were now safe ways recognised worldwide to deliver a breech vaginal birth.

He said it was important to give women the confidence to deliver the breech baby vaginally.

“It’s very encouraging in the south-west to hear these new approaches and fresh insights,” he said.

The workshop also included Frank Louwen, the division chief of obstetrics and fetomaternal medicine at the University of Frankfurt.

Dr Louwen said the risks confronting women giving birth to breech babies vaginally had declined in the last decade.

He said it was a myth that a breech delivery was too dangerous for the mother.

Dr Louwen said his research showed there was a lower risk to women delivering a breech baby naturally than a caesarian.

He said it was important for the woman to be in the upright position, on her knees or all-fours.

“Out of more than 300 vaginal breech deliveries in the upright position there were no complications for the mother or child,” he said.

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