Working on Warrnambool's exchange: A Telstra technician tells his story

A TELSTRA technician has shared some of his experiences over the past week as he and others work 12 hour shifts to restore Warrnambool's phone and Internet service.

In a blog post at Telstra Exchange, technical expert Kevin Sadler wrote he had never seen such a mess in his 38 years with the company. 

Mr Sadler's post reveals the precision and endurance required as technicians work around the clock at the Koroit Street facility, which was without air-conditioning until Saturday.

"I’m here for another week, and then I’ll head back home for a week – but I’ll be putting my hand up to come back after I’ve had a break," the New South Wales-based worker said. 

"It’s so important that we get this Exchange back up and running. 

"And you know what, this is the sort of thing, and the kind of team that you’ll look back on later on and go 'I’m proud I was part of it'.

Read the full blog post at Telstra Exchange or see the rest of  The Standard's blackout coverage here.

A Telstra technician inside the exchange this week.

A Telstra technician inside the exchange this week.