Weight loss brings reward

CASEY Mason of Warrnambool lost nearly 30 kilograms in 12 weeks and reckons she has worked too hard to put it back on.

Her impressive weight loss has reduced her dress size from 24 to 14 and this month won her a Michelle Bridges body transformation challenge from 27,000 other contenders throughout Australia.

Her win in round three of this year’s body transformation challenge, which runs for 12 weeks, won her a six-night stay at a health spa for two.

Miss Mason, 26, is determined not to return to her 125-kilogram weight and said exercise was presently a big part of her lifestyle.

She lost 29.9 kilograms by enthusiastically implementing the Michelle Bridges eating and exercise plan.

She went to the U2 gym at the Homemaker Centre six days a week where staff had been very helpful, she said.

Miss Mason took part in  personal training, spin and Pilates classes. “Anything that made me feel uncomfortable,” she said lightheartedly of her exercise program. 

“I also did walking and hiking.”

Miss Mason said she took up the weight-loss program because her weight was restricting her lifestyle.

“I enjoy exercise now, it is slightly addictive,” she said. 

“I enjoy the way it makes me feel. I like not being negative. A lot of it (weight loss) is to do with mindset.”

A former competitive swimmer at national level, Miss Mason said she planned to get back in the pool.

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