Telstra outage roundup

Latest news - today:

Contact list: Who to call during the blackout

LATEST: Telstra responds with back-up for landline services

South-west mayors challenge Telstra at inquiry

Confidentiality clause no hindrance to Telstra inquiry submissions


Telstra helpline closed on weekend

Telstra outage in photos:

Outage outrage: Telstra under fire at forum

 Video and gallery: Telstra boss offers open chequebook for business compensation

A week later: See inside the Telstra exchange as technicians work

Gallery: Warrnambool cut off from the world

Around town: Day two of the Telstra blackout

Gallery: Inside Warrnambool's ruined Telstra exchange 

E-mageddon - reactions and recovery:

Telstra spends up to support south-west businesses hit by outage

Some good news for Telstra as 3G service starts early

Unkind cut: Telstra loses 6000 landlines as cable severed

Legacy finds it hard to care with telephone

Glitch spoils Telstra return

Telstra call centres unaware of local issues

RMIT seeks residents' views on outage

Setback for Telstra exchange with lost connections

Telstra: last 300 landlines in Warrnambool 'by mid-week'

Terang co-op counts cost of Telstra chaos

The end is in sight as Telstra completes repairs

Uni to study social impact of Telstra communications blackout

Vodaphone returns - with an apology

Telstra services almost back to normal

Telstra held to account over phone bill

Inquiry to look at national disaster status for meltdown

Big phone fix nears end

Premier Ted wants national disaster relief payments for south-west Telstra customers

Video: Bill Mundy addresses Telstra business customers

Outage outrage: Telstra under fire at forum

Telstra update: Next G network upgraded as technicians plug away 

Warrnambool Telstra exchange fire investigation under way

‘Sorry, wrong number’

Premier says PM should step up on south-west 'economic disaster'

Warrnambool telephone connections back at random

Premier lends an ear as Telstra telephone exchange fire inquiry fast-tracked

Delivering reason for hope

Fewer than 5000 landlines still off the air

Internet company’s back-up plan pays off

Warrnambool businesses hit hard by lost sales

Telstra boss to visit 'ground zero'

Telstra repairs 93% of landline services

Help forum for battered south-west businesses

Show us you care: plea to governments over meltdown

Telstra outage compo claims priority

Mayors call on governments to recognise impact on Telstra outage

Telstra update: Portland and Hamilton back online

Working on Warrnambool's exchange: A Telstra technician tells his story

Gillard urged to visit

Telstra bills freeze

Corangamite shire: too soon to count the cost of Telstra exchange outage

Telstra update: 3G service restored, landlines and ADSL next

Doorway prevents an even bigger disaster

Council: why did it start, where was the safety net?

Neoh criticises breadth of inquiry 

Terang Gift organisers proceed amid communications blackout

Telstra landline recovery more than halfway complete

Telstra promises to improve exchange

Businesses, lawyers count the cost of meltdown

Visitors arrive on journey into the unknown

Minister announces inquiry into crippling Telstra fire

Napthine: it's a lesson for whole country

Vodafone signal fix not far away

Landlines breakthrough but traders frustrations grow

Centrelink taking phone lodgements during Telstra outage

Our loss is Ballarat's gain

Telstra gives local businesses priority reconnection choice

Phoenix enters a silent new world

Telstra mobile services up and running 

Firies put their lives on the line to minimise impact

Mayor wants answers over Telstra breakdown

Health risk no fuss for Florence

'There will be a national review on this': Telstra faces massive repair bill 

Telstra outage day two: Warrnambool reacts

Telstra services begin to recover after exchange fire

South-west phone blackout renews call for NBN

Public transport chaos as fire silences radios

Banks making the best of a bad situation

Police shift shop as outage paralyses business

Warrnambool schools adapt to outage

Clever planning keeps businesses open despite phone blackout