They've landed: alien exhibition to invade Warrnambool

ALIENS and monsters have entered Warrnambool and will invade the city’s art gallery for what is expected to be a blockbuster international-class exhibition.

Models, props and costumes from some of the biggest science fiction movies and television series in history arrived by truck this week after shipping from the UK.

Ticket sales have opened for the Invasion exhibition which will run from December 1 to January 28, covering the peak summer tourist season, and is tipped to be the biggest drawcard since the Mary Rose shipwreck memorabilia was displayed in 1995.

Gallery director John Cunningham said the exhibition was designed to show how movies influenced our popular culture. 

Exhibits will be moved into their display positions from Monday when the gallery doors will be closed for a week.

The official opening will be preceded by a monster frock-up party on the Civic Green from 8pm-11pm on November 30.

Among star items in the international exhibition will be the creature and a sleep chamber from the hit sci-fi movie Alien,  starring Sigourney Weaver. 

Full-size Martians and the alien host from the X-files movie will be alongside Jim Henson’s creation Bobut from the fantasy adventure Aliens In The Family.

In the costume department will be exhibits from Planet of the Apes, Star Trek Enterprise, Andromeda, Stargate Atlantas, Red Dwarf, The Chronicles of Riddick and Matt LeBlanc’s hero spacesuit.

The exhibition will also feature several licensed and fan-made replicas and toys.

Robots include B9 from Lost in Space, the cyborg Robo Cop, the ABC robot from Judge Dredd, R2D2, a Battle Droid and Sonny which appeared with Will Smith in I, Robot.

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